Life Long Lolita Fashion Advice : Lolita Youtuber’s Collab

Hi everyone!
This is a collab with the lolita youtuber’s group! 🙂
Link to the playlist to watch the other’s! :
I am happy to be apart.

Intro: 0:00 – 0:34
1. Something I learnt early on : 0:34 – 4:25
2. The most valuable lesson : 4:25 – 9:02
3. Something that I am still learning : 9:02 – 9:42
4. If there were lolita classes at school, I would take one in… : 9:42 – 10:48
5. Someone I’ve learnt a lot from : 10:48 – 11:51
6. Something that I am always happy to help others with : 11:51 – 12:19
7. If I could magically learn one lolita skill : 12:19 – 12:38
8. Something I learnt thanks to lolita : 12:38 – 13:30
9. The dress or item that taught me something: 13:30 – 14:24
10. One invaluable resource : 14:24 – 15:34

I hope some of what I mention in the video is some good advice to you! Let me know what you think down below !

Collab is made by Cupcake Kamisama:

People mentioned in video:

Here are my socials if you’d like to keep in contact:

Email me here for business inquires:

BG Music By: Brendan Roarty

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