5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make with Full Cover Tips

Tracey is going to go over all of the common mistakes that have to do with sizing, application, and filing with Full Cover Tips.

Products Used:
Coffin Full Cover Tips
Full Cover Coffin Tips 500 Master Pack

Medium Sanding Bands
Zebra 150 Sanding Bands Medium, 100 PK

Cross Cut Diamond Bit Medium https://www.youngnails.com/products/cross-cut-diamond-bit-medium-3-32

Diamond Cuticle Square Bit Medium https://www.youngnails.com/products/diamond-cuticle-square-bit-medium

Mani Q WindFall
1/3 oz Windfall

Ultimate Finish Gel
1/3 oz Ultimate Finish Gel

Young Nails manufactures the highest quality professional nail care products (acrylic, hard gel, gel polish, nail art, nail polish, nail accessories, nail files, etc) in the world. To learn the nail application in all of the forms – acrylic, gel, nail art, etc – watch our videos for extreme education. We offer nail education out of our Anaheim, CA facility. Contact us for details info@youngnails.com
For more instruction on all applications (Acrylic, Gel, Nail Art, etc), please go to our Youtube Nail School playlist.

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“How do two brothers get into the nail care business?” This is the single most common question people ask us. There’s a long and rocky version but we’ll give you the short one. We have our fearless and unconventional mother, Young Salo, to thank. With a single-minded entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to start her own business at the age of 49. She had a passion for the nail industry and we did everything in our power to support her. In the end, this is a family business.

Greg, the older brother, became a licensed nail technician after switching gears from fire fighter’s training. He is energy personified and has a true passion for developing the best professional nail care products and education. Habib is the younger brother. He jumped in a few years later; taking a detour from medical school and a life in music. He brings his own creative mind for business, marketing and strategy. Unexpectedly, we are a perfect team.

Today, more than 20 years later, Young Nails Inc., is a professional nail care manufacturing company exporting to over 40 countries worldwide and distributing domestically to over 3000 stores. We’re respected for our next-level product innovation and education. Our mission is to bring you the best quality products and we’ll show you how to use them with incredible results. It’s really that simple.

Welcome to the Young Nails family!

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