Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin

Figuring out the right kind of makeup for dusky skin tone can be a bit tricky. Sometimes an eyeshadow swatch looks incredible on your hand, but doesn’t show up at all on your eyes. If you have ever struggled with all these issues, then we have just the thing for you! In this makeup tutorial for Indian skin tone for Be Beautiful, we teach you some amazing makeup tricks to enhance your beautiful skin tone and look absolutely stunning!

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0:00 Moisturize
1:06 Use a primer
1:29 Color Corrector
2:31 Concealer for dusky skin
3:13 Foundation for dusky skin
4:20 Translucent powder
5:01 Eyeshadow for dusky skin
6:21 Apply Mascara
6:51 Use kohl pencil
7:46 Contour
9:18 Blush for dusky skin
9:40 Lipstick shade for dusky skin
11:00 Highlighter for dusky skin

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